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treasury software solutions


Real-time data into treasury systems
Possible use of artifical intelligence in the everyday activity of the sales desk team.
16/11/2021 15:00 CET
Bloomberg & FX Software webinar
What’s next?
Corporate liquidity
Do our financial activity demands integrated software solution? What to consider?

Our treasury software solutions enable banks and corporates to manage their financial positions from the beginning til the end.


Make better decisions by having a clear view on the treasury’s activity
Access all relevant information in one place boosted by automated processes and industry leading API solutions

Drive operational efficiency

Exploit your treasury’s potential and increase returns by discrepancies
Increase control and simply collaborate with your intra and intercompany co-workers
Streamline operation supported by our robust and highly automated workflow proccesses

Expertise and compliance

Take advantage of our deep understanding in treasury related issues
Comply with international obligations like GDPR, EMIR and MIFID II reporting, IFRS accounting
Do you have local reporting obligations? Our experts are open to implement special solutions