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We are developing professional treasury and related financial supporting solutions, the InFoRex Solutions Family.
Our company delivers full-scale services for banks and corporations, including consultancy, development, implementation and subsequent support.



Our highly skilled Consultants have wide experience and a long track record in banking, treasury and management accounting. As part of our project management services our experts are focused on understanding our clients’ needs and requirements. By thoroughly reviewing and analyzing their existing processes we work with our clients to enhance their efficiency by redesigning their workflows and bringing in the best solutions in any area. We leverage market best practices in supporting our clients achieve efficient and seamless operations.



We are continuously improving our solutions in line with the evolving market needs. User-friendly structure, ergonomic structure and speed of accessing available information are the key features of our InFoReX system, using widespread drill through and drill down features to always offer real-time information to the users.



Seamless implementation including customized parameterization and full digital integration with our clients’ systems is a key feature of our delivery. We ensure maximum efficiency for our clients by high engagement of our implementation team having in-depth knowledge of the relevant business processes. This enables us to execute our implementation projects in a fast, efficient and flexible manner.



FX Software provides software maintenance services related to our InFoReX Financial Solutions system implemented at our clients. We are committed to providing high quality services tailored to the individual needs of our customers. Our own web based FX Project Management application creates a digital link between us and our clients allowing us to provide fast, flexible and efficient support to our clients (project/issue management, reporting, status etc.)