InFoReX is a single, fully integrated treasury platform providing Straight Through Processing (STP) with treasury front, middle and back-office functionality. From deal capture to settlements and accounting, including transaction settlement and posting it to GL, InFoReX supports the entire treasury lifecycle of a deal.

InFoReX includes Position Management and Mark to Market services with respect to all handled products. The customizable portfolio and book structure enable clients to group and monitor individual transactions by analyzing the position along a number of criteria to support the evaluation process and Market Risk Management.

In addition to the core treasury functionality our solution provides advanced Operational Risk Management, Compliance and Reconciliation Tools to secure the transparent and controlled operation of our clients’ business. We offer a comprehensive functional coverage along the full set of asset classes. The modularity of the system allows us to always tailor our solution to our clients’ needs.


  • Supporting multiple asset classes to cover you clients’ business demands
  • Tailor-made workflows to align to your processes and maximize your returns
  • Incorporating data from multiple dealing channels and core banking systems to increase sales desk efficiency
  • Comprehensive CRM solution to help boost decision making and analyze client behavior


  • Robust and highly automated workflows supported by seamless integration with various dealing platforms
  • Dedicated real-time position keeping tools (Money Market, Foreign Exchange, Fixed Income, Option) to support position hedging
  • Comprehensive FX quoting solution with automated price streaming throughout your organization

Middle Office

  • Collateral Management solution (supporting both Interbank CSA and Sales Client contracts) with automated workflows to reduce your operational costs Acquiring data from leading Market Data Providers based on your licenses
  • Curve building tool and complex evaluation engine to support Fair Value & CVA/DVA calculation


  • Regulatory compliance and management decision supporting by providing repricing gap analytics, basis point value and duration analytics, and liquidity reporting
  • Possibility to quantify shock scenarios reflecting the effects of a changed interest rate environment and to simulate balance sheet projection and, planned hedges.
  • Provides capabilities for stress testing balance sheet, and user-defined market scenarios
  • Quantify the maturity gap between assets and liabilities, monitoring the evolution of liquidity risk exposure over time
  • Transfer pricing analysis and reporting tool

Liquidity management

  • Provides capabilities for operative and strategical liquidity management.
  • Nostro account balance keeping with actual and expected future balances
  • Ensures consistency between planned cash flows and actual swift messages through intraday reconciliation
  • Easy to tracking and managing obligatory reserve
  • Realtime IG2 and IG3 interface connection
  • Visibility and reporting of different scenarios based on user-defined inflow and outflow assumptions, planned maturity transformations and hedging scenarios.
  • Limits setup helping the management of liquidity adequacy on a long term basis.

Risk & compliance

  • Market and Counterparty risk measuring and management
  • Evaluate Treasury positions and calculating indicators including Market Value, CVA/DVA, Sensitivity, Duration and Greeks
  • Flexible internal limit structure, pre-deal and post-deal limit checking
  • Early waring indicators with automated alerts, warnings for traders and risk managers in case of limit breaching on different risk components
  • Real-time market data access for market conformity management
  • Complying with international regulations such as MiFID II, MIFIR, EMIR and SFTR. Reducing the workload of the daily reporting obligations and operational risk. Automated and user-friendly reporting module with transparent audit trail.

Backoffice / Settlement / Accounting

  • Provides a user defined automated backoffice workflow from settlement to reporting
  • Offers transparent and easy to use real-time deal lists for keeping track of backoffice tasks, such as settlements, fixings and maturing deals
  • Focuses on streamlining the backoffice processes with automated payment generation and tailor-made control points for eliminating human errors
  • Allows efficient and transparent integration with any General Ledger, supporting the full range of treasury activity and ensuring IFRS or local accounting compliance
  • Provides fully automated EMIR, MIFID and SFTR reporting and helps the fulfillment of national regulatory requirements

Dedicated functions for corporates: FX risk management / Liquidity planning / Financial portfolio management

  • Plan your expected open foreign exchange positions and quantify the potential losses and gains arising from them. Identify the necessary hedging points with InFoRex and cover your risks!
  • Registration, valuation and accounting of hedging transactions, application of hedge accounting.
  • Scenario analysis based on specific assumptions about hedging, cash flow groups or market data.
  • Liquidity planning on different certainty levels, forecast backtesting.
  • Additional functions for groups, such as intra-group planning workflow support, cash pool optimisation.