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We have more and more exciting projects, new clients and challanges in the field of banking and finance – but we need YOU to succeed!

Customer Relationship Manager


Excellent command of English

Full time

Interest in the field of Banking and Finance

Who we are?

We are developing professional treasury and related financial supporting solutions. Our company delivers full-scale services for banks and corporations. We really like our cheerful and solidary team. You are going to be in a really important role, because you have to make the clients feel appreciated. You will be the first who come into their mind when they think of our company. You will be the one who will amaze them with your patient and precize attitude.

What do we offer?


Togetherness is important for us and not just during work. We like spending time together after a long workday.


If someone has too much tasks to do, we help him/her. Our motto is "One team, one spirit"

Good mood

During the big work load we also like big laughings.


We don't like micro-management. At FX you can be independent.


Performance evaluation is important for us. We give you feedback at least twice in a year.


We provide you education in the field of IT and finance. Developing out colleagues is an essential thing for us.

What will you do?

Every Customer Relationship Manager has their own clients. You don’t have to sale anything. You only need to communicate with them – but in a very high level. You will use phone and e-mail too and you have to make them feel that they are important for us and you help them as much as you can.

You will need to forward the clients’ wishes to the developers. Client-oriented thinking is the first. You need to be proactive and determined.

You will need to manage user tickets and errors in a very accurate and professional way

You will learn some new skills in the field of IT and finance as well. You will have some basic IT tasks too. If you think that you like it, in the future you can be more involved in the IT tasks.

When will you like to be here?

You will communicate with the clients and the team as well. You need to communicate in English too but mostly via e-mail.

It is really important to be empath and don’t be disappointed if the client has a bad day.

Accuracy is a main point of our whole company and your work as well.

You have to be client-oriented and you need to stand for them.

You think to the problems as challanges and you enjoy finding the best solution for them.

Your work won’t be monotonous. There are several different projects, clients, so you won’t be bored.

You need to be interested in the field of IT and finance. We’ll educate you but you need to be open for this.

Why do our colleagues like working here?

,,It is very rare to find a workplace where we find friends, trust, many opportunities and optimal amount of responsibility. FX is like that. A place where is good to work."
Customer Relationship Manager
,,I am really proud of my job where I am sorrounded by super coworkers, where the professional background is provided, and I can be in a cool work environment in the center of the city. We have so many unexpected challanges like in other workplaces. I am happy, because I see that we never let each other down in trouble and we always have some kind words and helpful thought towards to the other."
Customer Relationship Manager
,,FX is a place where I like to go every day. My coworkers are helpful and they teach me patiently."
Customer Relationship Manager


After your application we contact you in 2 days. The whole recruitment process is managed in maximum 2 weeks.

This is what you can expect from us:

1. Professional & HR interview – Where we got to know each other and you can tell more about your professional background.
2. CEO interview – It is important to get to know the top management too.
3. Feedback – If you are succeed or not, we give you feedback in some days.